Periodic Table Characters (Drawing & Watercolor)

Units 2 & 3 – Periodic table character generation

(Drawing and Watercolor Painting)

(Hybrid & Distance Learning)

This is a three part unit where  students created a character from the periodic table, made a watercolor background as a setting and wrote a story or made an animation about their persona.  They filled out a series of questions about their character, chose to sketch their character realistically or with cartooning and explored mark making and shading in order to arrive at two final drawings that applied these ideas.  They had access to cartoon handouts, websites and figure drawing poses on the Internet as helpers. This lesson encouraged lateral thinking and personification as well as storytelling.

Milah used carbon for her element and explored diamonds and hairstyles.

Gwen’s sketches are playful renderings of her character.

Ava explored the element of antimony with a character with two personality sides.

They practiced shading by observing objects in order to understand and apply shading to their characters.

watercolor Character Settings

Students practiced their watercolor techniques in a grid by watching a video I made.


Grace’s character setting was in Australia.


Some students chose to put their character inside their watercolor as one option I gave them.