Various 6/7th Grade Projects

eye Drawings

Students researched eyes on the internet or in magazines during distance learning. Then they took a photo of their own eye and made sketches of theirs or the ones they found.  Finally, they completed a final drawing with shading, after practicing value with pencils.








Poster for a cause project

The kids began by researching French protest art from the 1960s and used this resource as well: Center for the Study of Political Graphics. They selected images and filled out a GDoc on a few works with images. They then reflected on what they liked about these pieces and used the information to create their own poster for any cause they wished, real or imaginary, as long as it did not harass or cause harm to anyone.








color wheel project

Students created a color wheel using the primary, secondary and tertiary colors (12 colors) and including a theme of their own devising.










Some kids at this age really love math so I thought I would introduce them to M.C. Escher and perceptions of space through art.