Collaborative Snowball Task Game

Task Game

(HYBrid and distance learning)

Student played a variation of the Snowball Game which is crumpling up paper after writing on it and throwing it across the room.  Then they chose a random paper and drew what was listed on it.  I showed them Oliver Herring’s TASK video to talk about Social Practice as a new art form and how that involves the audience as raw material for the actual art and process.  He holds large art gatherings and in this example, he has people write a task for someone else and put it in a box.  Another person draws an example from the box and does what it says.

I adapted this for distance learning by making Google Slides where each student could add in three facts about themselves as a get to know you activity and then write a drawing prompt for another student, who would then draw it.

Task Drawing Examples

This student’s prompt was to draw a Conga Line.

This task was to draw an imaginary creature.

This one goes with the prompt below that asks the other person to draw emotions on a sad day.