Digital and Drawn Self Portraits

Unit 4 Self Portraits

(Hybrid & Distance Learning)

In this unit, students made three self-portrait drawings about a cactus drawing, digital or printed selfie drawing and a drawing in a reflective surface that was not a mirror.  The cactus drawing was first developed through a set of bio questions about themselves to help generate ideas and symbols for their artwork.  The second drawing was based of a prompt where they chose a hero and someone they admired and explored selifies using the individual face, snapseed or adobe express photo app and then draw digitally on their phone or printed on paper and drew to make the connection between themselves and another person.  The reflection drawing was made in any surface they wanted such as spoons, computers, phones or other objects.  It had to use shading and could have used color.

Part i Cactus self portrait Drawing



part 2 hero inspired selfie drawing










Part 3 reflection drawings