Science and Art Connections – 4th/5th Grade

4th & 5th Graders made slime, glue nebulas, oil pastel animal eyes and botanical illustrations!

Fourth and fifth grade explored connections between science and art and realized that skills scientists use are the same as artists, such as observation, investigation and hypothesis.  The kids made glue nebulas after learning about how stars are born and die, close up animal eye observations and twisted botanical drawings using satire and humor!


Animal eyes

The kids learned about the evolution of animal and human eyes through a video and then touched on how to use proportion and shape and size relationships to use the science and art skill of observation. Drawing an animal eye up close with oil pastel not only helped them discover the diversity in eyes, but also see things more abstractly.  Everyone was amazed at how great their work was!

twisted botanical illustrations

The kids looked at the work of Edward Lear’s Nonsense Botany.  After discussing what satire is, and looking at an example, they started to draw and observe a botanical drawing and change it into something humorous.