Paste Paper Animal Collage–K/1st Grade

Paste paper animals after Eric Carle and Pete Cromer

Kindergarten and first grade started the unit watching a video of Eric Carle talking about his book The Man Who Painted a Blue Horse and then I read the book to them.  Carle made the book after being inspired by Franz Marc’s German Expressionist paintings.  I explained that real or invented animals can be made with imaginary colors.

They started by making paste paper and I gave them two primary colors to mix in their paste containers.  They did this for two classes layering colors and using other colors made by other kids.

Then they drew up a plan for their paste paper animal using shape templates and we went over shapes as a class.  Then they traced shapes on the back of paste paper and cut out their collage to glue down.

Kindergarten plan drawings







first grade PLan drawings

Assembling the paste paper into a collage

kindergarten examples












first grade examples




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